Inspirational focus Leader: Melissa A Manning


by Ruth Blake

One night, a few years ago at Family Camp, I saw some­ thing that touched my heart so deeply it brought tears to my eyes. Our Camp Evangelist had called everyone up around the altar to rededicate themselves to God. A tall, handsome young minister walked up the aisle just ahead of me, with his six month old baby son in his arms. After praying, I opened my eyes and just stood, observing.

Lots of times I do that, to see if there is anyone near me who seems to need someone to bind with them in prayer for a need.

This young man of God bowed his head and kissed his little boy ever so tenderly on the cheek, and then laying his hand on the baby's forehead, he lifted his face towards Heaven, and with tears streaming down his face, he prayed for his tiny son. I thought, "Oh God!  What a wonderful world this would be if more fathers loved their little ones so much that they would take them to an altar of prayer and pray such a prayer of thanksgiving and dedication making deep commitment to raising that child in the truth and nurturing him in the love and fear of God all through his or her young life."

How it warms my heart to see a Dad or Mom walk to the altar with their child, or to see a Dad standing in the al­ tar with his arm around the shoulders of his teenage son, praying with him. There could be no greater gift a parent could give to a child than to walk by his side down the "Christian Road", encouraging, supporting, strengthening and showing by his own faithful, Godly example, the way!

Christian Child Psychologist and Author, Gary Smalley has written a book called "The Blessing".   It is one of the most wonderful books I've ever read about the child/parent relationships; how the bond that is formed between father and son at a very early age, affects everything about that son's character, personality and social, emotional and mental well-being for the rest of his life.  I highly urge the reading of it to every parent.   He tells how so many children spend their whole lifetime striving and failing to win the approval of the ones they love the most - their Mother and Father. How sad and so very wrong this is!  Children crave love and approval.  We are all born needing it!   It is as necessary as the air we

breathe! That being so, how great it is to see Dads who recognize and fulfill that role in their children's lives.

Dads teach kids how to hunt and fish, play ball, run computers, ride bikes, rev motors, hammer nails, fix cars, sling mud and throw gravel. Kids learn the names of Dad's favorite ball teams almost by the time they can say Mama and Dad. They learn how to throw a curve ball and hike a football. No problem with that, but in all our teaching, we must make sure that they learn by example to make serving God "Number One Priority"! Waiting until kids are 10 or 12 years old to start giving them all the Godly teaching they'll ever need for their life, is almost like locking the barn after the cows got out. Kids learn so much ungodliness in their daily associations at school and in the neighborhood, they need right teaching at home and the teaching they get at church to counter-balance the attack of Satan against their souls! Don't let them grow up thinking that being openly and emotionally spiritual is just a "woman thing". Be man enough to be the disciplining but loving, Spiritual Leader in your home. Give your children memories of Dad reading the Bible and praying at home as well as at church!

Thank God today, for all our wonderful Dads!



  April 2021  
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