Inspirational focus Leader: Melissa A Manning

    The Community

Needs the Pastor’s Wife

Before we found the Lord, we were very much like others in this world some of us rich, some of us poor; some of us bad, some of us good, some of us educated, some of us not—but all of us needed God. Most of us did not know that our emptiness stemmed from our need for God.

Taking time to make friends and reach out to the community will be an investment toward soul winning and the growth of the church.

If your Pastor’s Wife puts forth effort in this area, stand behind her and do what you can to support her. Here is where you may find people who would be willing to have you teach them, if you give home bible studies .

For someone to come by for a few minutes with a bouquet of flowers or a small gift can brighten the day for a neighbor who is ill. Many people—sometimes even our next-door neighbors have no one to call in case of an emergency.

Womanhood has been so degraded it is important that every community has a chance to meet a Holy Ghost-filled woman, someone to witness of the power of God and way of salvation. We cannot have fellowship with the ungodly ways of the women in our communities, but if we are acquainted with them, they may call on us for prayer during a crisis, emergency or time of need. Every sinner needs to see an example of a real child of God. The glowing face of a Holy Ghost filled woman and her godliness will bring light into the darkened world of her neighborhood or workplace.



Soaring in Prayer for the Pastor’s Wife!


  April 2021  
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