Inspirational focus Leader: Melissa A Manning

                       How Love Is Multiplied

God multiplied my love, after I brought it and laid it at His feet.

With trembling hand, the grasp gave way under the heat of the pressure, I felt to release my hold.

                                 My Heart Yielded.

Before this my love was selective, the choices were made by my heart alone. Those were the best, my friends, my loved ones.

Those to be loved by me were the pure and the perfect.

                                    My Heart Said.

But my loved ones disappointed me. My friends were not pure and perfect.

My heart bled. Why live anymore? Perfection was gone.

But in the depth of disappointment and imperfections,

                             My Heart Still Loved.

So, I took love to God because of the intense pain and laid it at His feet, now that you can love that which is imperfect, I will replace your love with mine, multiply it and make it universal.

                        My Heart Submitted.

Exercise of love for the heart causes it to be strong and compassionate toward all.

A heart that has never submitted to disappointment and crushing, can only love a perfect chosen few.


My Heart Understood.


By: Paulene Johnson


  April 2021  
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