Inspirational focus Leader: Melissa A Manning

 Have You Ducked For Cover?

Both animals and humans have a tendency to duck for cover when the going gets rough, don’t they? There goes Peter Rabbit heading for his warren hole, with Farmer Brown hot on his trail!

Having holes handy is a matter of survival for rabbits ‘holes are their escape hatches. Cats, dogs, and humans hunt down the gentle, little animals. But the Lord gave them a keen sense of smell and sharp hearing. He also gave them speed in running and the instinct to make spare burrows into their homes. When an enemy appears, they head for one of their holes and do a disappearing act. Then they are good and safe. We humans have found our own escape hatches, and they might be considered holes of a sort. When we get “hurt” or feel our egos are in danger, we tend to flee. We say to ourselves, I’m not going to expose myself to being hurt anymore! So we run away. We hide. We withdraw ourselves.

Sad to say, Christians can have this sort of thing happen to them. We are still subject to being hurt by others, and nothing can sidetrack a Christian from serving God like the discouragement of feeling unappreciated. We can run for a hole like a rabbit, hide, and become ineffectual Christians, burdened down with bitterness and self-pity. Or we can allow trials to perfect the image of Christ in us, to build character, to teach us patience. It costs something to live for Jesus Christ, it costs us our pride, our self-centeredness, our money, our time-everything that has to do with us. In this life we can have the joy walking with our Lord, seeing prayers answered, and become an example of the believers.


Bu: Ruth Blake








  April 2021  
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