Inspirational focus Leader: Melissa A Manning



The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.

Soulwinning is not accomplished in the classroom or the pew, but out where sinners are. We must get one -on-one with them. The church was born in a blaze of personal soulwinning; it was a house -to-house, faith-to-faith operation. A burden received must be transmitted, and your lifestyle will express how strong your burden is.

There was a solider who was a Christian that had marched many, many miles. He had been trying to witness to several people in the platoon, especially one man who was a bully. This man was especially harsh and totally rejected the Christian. For seven straight days, the platoon had marched 3 ½ miles each day. When the platoon returned to their barracks after the seventh day, everyone was weary. They all immediately began to get undressed and fell right on their faces on their beds and began to sleep. This one young man, however, unstrapped his boots, turned, and knelt to spend a little time in prayer before he rested. The bully that he had been witnessing to saw him kneeling there praying and in disgust he removed a dirty, heavy combat boot and threw it across the room. The boot struck the young man in the head, but he kept on praying. The next morning, when the bully woke up, he found his boots sitting at the end of his bed, cleaned and polished. The end of the story is that the bully became a Christian, not because of what the young man said, but because of what he was. It left an impact on the other man’s life.

A burden to reach souls is not received in a day of fasting, nor from being shut up in a closet of prayer, nor is it received in a classroom. A burden is received out in the midst of the hurt and turmoil of this world—where the sinners are.

  September 2020  
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