Remembering Our Chief

Let the Elder's that rule well be counted Worthy of double honor, they who labor in Word and Doctrine .For the scripture saith, Thou Shalt Not Muzzle The Ox That Treadeth Out The Corn. The Laborer is Worthy of his reward. 1st Timothy 5:17&18KJV               

Honoring the Chief: Chief Apostle William Lee Bonner Sr.

Greater Refuge Temple- Harlem, NYC

We will begin with one of the daughters from the Mother Church; Greater Refuge Temple, NY expressions of Honor:

What an awesome man....... I saw Bishop William Lee Bonner when I was at the tender age of 7 years old .when I had a chance to meet him, I knew instantly there was something very unique about him. Whenever he was in town, people would come to hear him preach and those days he would preach sometimes one and a half to 2 hours .You would hang on every word that came out of his mouth because of the Anointing that came with it .When he would lay hands on you, you would get healed and delivered .Sometimes, he did not have to say a word, just" touch "you. I would rush home from school, do my homework and beg to go to church to hear Bishop Bonner. I was privileged to be there every single night until he left. After the death of Bishop RC Lawson Bishop Bonner became my pastor my journey with him started when he put Gertrude Johnson and myself over the radio choir when I was a teenager. He saw something in me that I didn't know was there. There would be many times Bishop would see me in Detroit on a Sunday morning. I was also given the awesome privilege to travel with him when he had speaking engagements in the Michigan area. Sometimes I would sing for him if he wanted to sing a song I would help him. I told him all he had to do will start and I would finish for him. I was so proud of him because sometimes he would really rock (smile) Bishop became my pastor, friend my advisor, and my mentor .We over the years develop Godfather and daughter relationship .He was thoughtful, supportive, a loving Godfather .I could tell him things I couldn't tell my own parents and he was never judgmental but in love would reprimand when necessary. There is so much I could say about this AWESOME man that entered my life I can truly say that the world was a better place because of Bishop William Lee Bonner was allowed to walk this Earth. If he crossed your path, your life was change because you had an angel of the Lord cross your path......Dr. Jennifer Mc Carroll.

Refuge in Jackson, Mississippi Church

Mississippi Vanessa Otis to the left in the blue jean skirt

Holy Ghost action in Jackson the space-age church.....

Honoring my Father in the Gospel..... I was excited when I got the phone call to tell my most memorable moments with Pastor Bonner .I am Vanessa Otis to your left with a blue jean skirt on .I remember when he came to Jackson Mississippi building Refuge Temple (space-age) Church at the time I wasn't saved ,but I remember watching Pastor Bonner on TV Saturday morning didn't know he would show up at the barbershop for me to cut his hair, I never been so nervous in my life, my clippers was shaking I know now it was the Anointing on his life and the Holy Ghost. Then one day he came back to Jackson I had gotten saved Glory be to God. I ended up years later being the minister of music four 10years.He loved to hear me sing, he would ask where my one-woman band is! HE impacted my life so much I will never forget him! I strive every day to walk that walk of how he taught us, how he taught us to pray and stay saved. Love you Pastor Bonner your spiritual daughter Vanessa Otis

Refuge Temple DC Church


Marie Dickens DC Church

From the nation's capital Greater Refuge Temple Washington DC.....

I would like to take this opportunity to say something about an awesome man of God .Chief Apostle William Lee Bonner imparted in my life in such a way that I learned to put that aside and grab hold of faith like I have never before! Pastor Bonner would always say "The Lord is better to me than he is to you “I would reply "He's just as good to me as He is to you" But, Oooh one day I came to understand what Pastor Bonner  meant. The power of God Came Upon me and it was like I was picked out and God moved everyone else aside. I felt His glorious presence like I've never felt before .I felt special like I was the most important person in the world. It's hard to write out this experience, but from that day forward I truly understood what Pastor Bonner meant. I can say that Pastor Bonner was God's man servant with an Anointing and discernment like no other .The Lord would show me to Pastor Bonner in my sickness ,and he would call me at home or call me out in church services to pray with me .Deuteronomy 28 has become a part of my everyday life.  To God be the Glory for the life of Pastor Bonner and the opportunity to set under his tutelage.... Marie Dickens

Solomon’s Cathedral birthed out of Solomon’s Temple- Detroit, MI

From the Motor City….

It's no small task to put into words just what a blessing our Chief, Presider, Papa, Father in The Gospel means to us. I got saved over 40 years at Church of our Lord Jesus Christ on East 7 Mile Road in Detroit Bishop William Lee Bonner was just as Charming ,spiritual, loving ,wise then as he was in later years .He spread him so thin so that all of us could partake in his Blessing .When he started the work call Solomon's Temple Annex back in the early 1980s I felt led to go and help out the tiny Church needed missionary and dedicated workers to lend a hand I asked Bishop Bonner if I could go over and help out he replied with that's great big smile sure as long as you don't give up your membership I said okay and that tiny church group into Solomon's Cathedral that is thriving today he was my spiritual dad then and we passed it down to those that got saved after us to this day young people at our church referred to Bishop Bonner as granddaddy I will always love and honor him for helping to make me the saved and Sanctified woman I am today.

 Missionary Pat Watts


Refuge Temple- Colombia, SC

Greater Refuge Temple Columbia. 

“The Blessing is in the trees”        

Min Jason Myers said: "He didn't give up on me" growing up in the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ the name William Lee Bonner" Pastor Bonner" was a household name. I always knew him as my pastor but God had it ordained for me to know him as a father. I received the gift of the Holy Ghost at the age of 12 in 1992 at the Holy Convention in Columbia South Carolina, a crucial age for a young man being raised in the city from a single-parent household. Pastor Bonner took me by the hand and became my father. For years are brought him his handkerchiefs and I carried his briefcase when he came back to Columbia to minister and run Revivals. I drove my first car under Pastor Bonner, his blue 1995 Chevy Lumina. Transitioning from my teenage years into adulthood would prove to be very difficult and at times unbearable. I became very rebellious ,defiant ,and disobedient" HE didn't give up on me" I can remember there would be times in my walk with Christ that I wanted to give up and turn to the world but the chief would come in town and conduct an "Anointing Service" Every time I wanted to give up Pastor Bonner knew. During those services he would pull me to him, and take me in his arms and say, "Tell the Lord YES" A spiritual father knows his children .Often, during his visits, we would sit in his office and talk for hours. He took the time to talk to me about life, being saved and serving God with my all .He would Point his finger at me and say "I'm not giving up on you you're a son of a Prophet “Through my teenage years into adulthood Pastor Bonner "Pop" was there. I served him and Refuge Temple Columbia until he transitioned into Glory. I will continue to serve my local assembly and the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ for the two Men that didn't give up on me, God and my Pop Apostle William Lee Bonner.... A son of the prophet Minister William Jason Myers.

From the heart of his children, you are forever in our hearts. We honor the man of God, God's man .A man who lived a life exemplifying true Holiness, righteousness, obedience, a life of prayer without ceasing and fasting. Not, for himself but for others. A fisherman of men, bringing multitude into the kingdom of God. Laying hands on the sick and they are recovered ,people getting out of wheelchairs ,many being filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost multitudes being drawn into the salvation of God because he stood flat-footed and preach the unadulterated word of God ,lifting up Jesus .Men and women from all walks of life, race ,Creed ,and color. Crying what we must do to be saved .Tumors gone healed from cancer and all other ailments. Casting out demons, setting the captives free from alcohol and drugs. The power of God resonating in the Mortal man of compassion for the souls of humankind doing those works and Greater Works that Jesus said we would. Manifesting true Holiness in the power of God. Sacrificing, preaching, and teaching leading, going door-to-door evangelizing City to city, state to state, country to Country, even in the African bush. Never resting, contending for the faith in Christ Jesus .fore filling the call of God in his life .Trusting God in everything and all things .A man that truly exemplify Christ by giving his life, so That Others May Live and know the miraculous love of God and be welcome into the body of Christ being born of the water and of the spirit in Jesus Name. We Honor you Chief Apostle William Lee Bonner!

You are forever in our hearts........ Submitted by Sister Nancy Yvonne Rowe. Solomon’s Temple- Detroit, Mi.

  April 2021  
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